About Us

1st Heaton Vale Sea Scouts is a group based on Didsbury road in Stockport.

About Us…

1st Heaton Vale Sea Scouts is a group based on Didsbury road in Stockport.

Founded in February 1968 with the merger of two local scout groups, we have been delivering quality scouting for 50 years! Being the only sea scout group in the district we aim to deliver quality scouting to all young people in the local area, primarily through a wide range of water based activities.

Our beavers learn all about scouting values such as friendship, community and having fun. through a balanced program they take part in residential experiences at least once a year and spend the rest of the time learning scouting skills such as knot tying, fire lighting, camp cooking, pioneering and many more. Our beavers also take part in a number of water activities to give them a taste of whats to come in the older sections.

Our cubs take part in at least 2 camps a year where they will enjoy a wide range of exciting land and water activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, climbing, archery and hill walking. They also have the opportunity to sail with the scouts and start earning their RYA staged awards. During their time in cubs young people take part in activities that encourage problem solving, teamwork and perseverance.

Our scouts learn to to dinghy sail throughout the year (Earning RYA staged awards in the process) and regularly take part in kayaking and canoeing occasionally taking part in more adventurous water activities such as white water rafting, water skiing, Diving and many more. Scouts will go on over 3 separate camps in a year (including a 5 day camp at Easter) Scouts build on what the other sections have taught and crank it up to the next level, putting adventure and fun at the heart of everything we do.